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Does not boot

Machine power supply or car battery fuse blows, power beyond the rated voltage range of the automatic protection system failure caused by illegal operations

Replacement of the correct type of fuse, adjust the voltage, according to the right corner of the front panel Reset button System Reset

No effect on the remote control

The battery is depleted, the battery installation error

Replace with new batteries, new batteries are installed correctly

No sound output or sound output volume is relatively small

Connection is not correct, sound set of small speakers fault, set the volume balance error is too large, part of the speaker connections are grounded

Check and correct connection, increase the volume, change speakers, adjust the volume balance is set to the middle

Silent relatively poor sound quality, serious distortion

Do not use low-quality discs, speakers, and the machine does not match the power of resistance, the speaker circuit

Use Zhengban Die, replace the appropriate speaker, the speaker connections

Automatically reset when the machine shut down

ACC and the B + line is not properly connected

Check and correct connection

No image

Brake cable connector is not correct, non-brake state

Check brake lines and properly connected, the car parked in a safe place to keep the brake state

Image output abnormal

DVD video set to the current system, lack of coordination, the video signal line connection is not correct

Conditioning system video settings, check and properly connected

Image stretch or compression

The proportion of inappropriate images set

Set the correct image proportion


Weak radio signal

Auto antenna not fully extended, LOC function in the open state

Antenna line is correctly connected closed LOC function

Interruptions during playback

Disc dirty or injured, documents or records were damaged

Clean or replace the disc, the disc replacement every success in the replacement or re-use store files

Play information display error

Information content than the screen can display the contents of the multi-

Error or action

Illegal Operation

Hold down the button for 5 seconds to reset the dish its reading set

Not enter the disc

The machine has been disc

Out of the machine's disc and then put the new one

Disc can not be normal

Disc version of the rating over the lock function of the level set, disc version of the area code is not compatible, the disc up against

Adjustment lock function to set rating, use the machine compatible with the disc, insert the disc to keep the disc label side up


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